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A Guide to Walt Disney World Tours and Special Experiences

by lifeinorlando

While Disney World may be known for their immersive attractions and fun character interactions, there is so much more than rides and Disney princesses for guests to enjoy. Many of the Disney theme parks offer guided tours and experiences for an additional price. It is important to note that none of these tours include admission to the park, but if you’re a big fan of Disney and going behind the scenes of the magic, one of these experiences may be worth checking out on your next Disney vacation.

Magic Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

This 5-hour walking tour of Magic Kingdom is one of the most unique experiences that Walt Disney World has to offer. You’ll be transported through the famous underground tunnels of Disney World while learning fun trivia about Walt Disney and the theme parks. This tour also includes lunch as well as a keepsake pin that you can only get by going through this magical tour.

Private VIP Tour

If you truly want to make the most of your Disney vacation and have the extra money to spend, the Private VIP Tour may be worth it for your family. This tour is less about learning unknown Disney facts and more about having a personalized day in the parks with minimal time spent waiting in lines for attractions. You just let your tour guide know what you’d like to do, and they’ll escort you to the front of the line for any ride, entertainment, or character attraction. They’ll also help you dine wherever you wish and ensure VIP viewing for nighttime attractions such as the Magic Kingdom fireworks or Hollywood Studios’ Fantasmic. You can spend all of your time in just one park or spend the day park-hopping to cover as much ground as possible. What you do with your seven or more hours is entirely up to you.

Historically, the Private VIP Tour ranges from $450 to $900 per hour for up to 10 people depending on the season. A minimum of 7 hours must be booked.

Animal Kingdom

Caring for Giants

This 60-minute experience is perfect for those who love elephants and want to see more than the glimpses of them you get on the Kilimanjaro Safari. Your tour guide will get you about 80-100 feet away from these gentle giants of Animal Kingdom while they teach you interesting and fun facts about elephants and how they care for them in the parks.

Savor the Savanna

Savor the Savanna | Image Copyright Walt Disney World

This tour is perfect for foodies who love animals. You’ll be brought deep into the Harambe Wildlife Reserve for an exclusive view of the animals of the savanna where you’ll learn all about the various creatures that call it home. Similar to Caring for Giants, you’ll get closer to the animals than you would on the Kilimanjaro Safari. As you enjoy the sights of giraffes, zebras, and more, you’ll be invited to indulge in African-inspired cuisine. This experience lasts about two hours and includes a trip to the viewing area to get closer to the animals, beverages, including juices, water, beer, and wine, as well as food such as fresh fruit, cheese, African flatbread, salad, and various desserts.

Up Close with Rhinos

Up Close with Rhinos | Image Copyright: Walt Disney World

If your dream has always been to get close enough to pet a rhinoceros, then you may want to make a point to book the Up Close with Rhinos experience in Animal Kingdom. Now, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get to touch a rhino on your trip; Animal Kingdom puts the care of their animals first, so if the rhinos are not feeling interactive that day, you may just have to admire them from a few steps back. Even if you don’t get to pet one of the world’s second largest land animals, you’ll still learn all about the personalities of the three rhinos in Animal Kingdom, as well as what goes into taking care of them and keeping them happy and healthy.

Wild Africa Trek

Wild Africa Trek | Image Copyright: Walt Disney World

This three-hour adventure is for the most dedicated and passionate fans of wildlife and Animal Kingdom. You’ll enjoy views of giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, and more as you make your way through grassy paths and even a rope bridge on foot. After you ride through the savanna in your safari vehicle, you’ll be treated to some African-inspired snacks. While the menu may change without notice, foods such as hummus and pita, olives, fresh fruit, tandoori shrimp, and chicken wraps are typically served.


Behind the Seeds

Is Living with the Land your favorite EPCOT attraction? If so, you’ll love this one-hour tour of the Land Pavilion. You’ll get to learn all about the EPCOT fish farms and greenhouses, and if you’re lucky, you may even get to sample some fresh produce that Disney grows right on property!


DiveQuest | Image Copyright Walt Disney World

This exciting experience allows you to dive with sea creatures without having to worry about dangerous sea life or unruly storms. This experience is only available to certified SCUBA divers to ensure the safety of guests. For those who are not certified, they will be able to watch through giant windows as you swim with over 2,000 different sea creatures in EPCOT’s saltwater aquarium.

EPCOT Seas Adventures – Dolphins in Depth

Dolphins in Depth | Image Copyright Walt Disney World

This 2-hour experience will get you in the water with dolphins as you learn more about them and global issues impacting ocean life. Keep in mind that this does not involve swimming with dolphins so you do not need to know how to swim or be a certified diver. You will get about 15-30 minutes of time standing in the water to get up close and personal with a dolphin. Tour guides and animal experts will teach you all about the care that goes into keeping the dolphins in EPCOT happy and safe.

Disney Has an Experience For Everyone

Whether you have a thirst for knowledge, love learning about animals, or just want to be able to skip past the daunting lines of your favorite attraction, there truly is a special experience for everybody when it comes to Disney World add-ons. Book your Walt Disney World Tour or Experience here.

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